Welcome to Astrology & Astronomy

There’s room in this universe for the energy of both the analytical left brain and the spiritual/spatial right. A few areas we’ll be exploring:

  • Do the moon and planets have an affect on homo sapiens (Latin: “Wise Man)?”

    • Right Brain: Yes! A full moon will see a larger number of emergency room visits, emergency police calls, etc.

    • Left Brain: Sure (eye roll) and when “Mercury is retrograde” electronics will be on the frizz because that planet rules communication, travel, contracts, and automobiles.  When mercury is retrograde, remain flexible, allow extra time for travel, and avoid signing contracts.” (Another eye roll)

  • Are there physical phenomenon that are still considered old wives’ tales:”

    • Right brain: Definitely! Ask three or more female college roommates or a dad with three daughter’s - women will menstruate on the same cycle once they’ve been living together for more than a few months. And what’s even weirder. Couldn’t find a controlled study that supports it. (One recent study was only 360 “pairs” of women and only went out three months.).

    • Left Brain: There is no proof. Period.

  • Saturn in 4 Parts x 28 (below) is a poem capturing both the left and right sides of the brain in 28 parts, of course.

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