Katie Couric Interview on Relationship Abuse

Your intuition, or gut instinct, is a feeling of knowing that delivers critical information about situations and people. Research proves that neurons in your stomach process data and flow upward, providing feedback to your brain. In this way, your gut instinct helps you stay aware of the danger that occurs around you, alerting you even before your brain. Since gaslighting works by planting seeds of doubt, tuning into your gut will keep your awareness in the present and help cultivate self-trust that protects your mental health. To hear its wisdom, practice listening to your gut with these steps

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Relationship Abuse: One Love Foundation #LoveBetter

When my youngest was in high school I was reading the weekly online PTO newsletter that was usually a wealth of information and resources and a welcome distraction from my workday. As a recently divorced woman, who was now dating, I found myself curious about an organization that was coming onsite to talk to teenager’s about “healthy” relationships. I was curious and opened the link. Please take a moment to #lovebetter.

Excerpt from https://www.joinonelove.org (One Love Foundation) #lovebetter

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