One HUGE Lipstick Warriors Seal of Approval for Feeding You Lies

Lipstick Warriors Seal of Approval

Lipstick Warriors Seal of Approval

Are you looking to ”unravel the food industry’s playbook and reclaim your health?” Vani, as always, speaks the truth in her critically acclaimed book Feeding You Lies . She exposes the hard reality that not only are the very institutions that should have America’s back are helping to serve us a “diet of diseases.”

Here’s a few powerful excerpts:
The US Food system allows companies to poison us for profit with risky additives that are banned or heavily restricted overseas.

"Are You Hooked on Sugar?" take Vani's test. "Sugar is what I think of as a "soft kill." Vitamin Water* contains 32 grams of sugar in a 20-ounce bottle." WHAT! 4 grams equals one teaspoon so that's - 8 teaspoons of sugar! Thankfully when my children were in elementary school it was the gym teacher that exposed the gatorade, sport drinks nonsense which is just basically sugar water. He placed a plastic baggie full of sugar next to the label on a board - very powerful visual when you're coming in and out of the school.

"When high fructose corn syrup (HFCS-90) is used, the ingredient label won't indicate that high-fructose corn syrup is an ingredient: rather, it can be deceptively listed as simple "fructose" or "Fructose syrup" without any reference to corn syrup. Regular HFCS contains up to 55 percent fructose, whereas HFCS-90 has 90 percent fructose by weight. That's nine times more fructose than the average fruit! ..How sneaky is that?"

"And that's when I finally understood why Starbucks took such pains to hide their ingredients - they didn't want their customers to know about the risky additives in their best selling items (especially that innocuous sounding Carmel Color.)

The truth behind Labels: Fat Free, Trans Fat Free, Sugar Free, and Gluten Free

Flavor: It's not Natural and "The Dorito Effect." "The flavor, in other words, is a chemical sign that tells your brain there's good stuff in here - you should eat one."

Chapter on "Fortified Food Fraud"

"Weed Killer for Dinner" - "one of the most damaging effects of glyphosate is that it stimulates overproduction of estrogen. This in turn can fuel the growth-dependent breast cancer ..."

"Organic Deception" - Why the Lie? "The biggest perpetrators of lies about organic food are Monsanto and other big agrochemical companies like Dow and Bayer."

Feeding You Lies is a must read for anyone who is struggling with health issues and can't seem to figure out why. Thank you Vani for your courage!

p.s. Check out Coke's Dasani *water - it's "enhanced" and not just plain water.

Be well and stay curious,
Lipstick Warriors. 💋