I love to travel the world and my own backyard. Staycations when my kids were little were fun and far less stressful on my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as my pocketbook, than traveling to a different city. Since we lived near Boston, I’d secure a hotel room (with an indoor pool of course) and explore the city as if we were tourists. Sometimes I literally worked down the street from where we stayed on vacation.

A few thoughts for planning your staycation:

  • You local library may have free (or extremely reduced) museum passes - you just need to plan ahead: Children’s Museum, Science Museum and Museum of Arts to name a few that may be available

  • Same day 1/2 tickets are an adventure of itself: wait in line or watch the price decline online… flexibility on what you’ll see helps too, plus, “you-get-what-you-get and don’t get upset!”

  • The original “Newbury Comics” is still always a fun stop, especially for the ‘tweens

  • One main meal/day. If there’s the free breakfast, we’d wrap up the bagel in a napkin and take it on the road for the day with some fresh fruit too. Makes for a great quick snack or lunch. Oh, and still check all the labels, even on water: Coca Cola has product called: Dasani water that is “enhanced” and not just plain water. I’ll even use the tap water to refill a water bottle.

  • One “lovely” meal a day to share after a day of exploration. One plate of fries to split in the afternoon was a huge treat and provided cover until some pool and dinner

  • Walking everywhere and taking public transportation is always fun for people watching and tires everyone out. Plus, no need to pay for overnight city-hotel parking. And, I didn’t have to pay to exercise.

Would love to hear some of your travel tips, tricks and ideas:

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