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Hello my friend (or foe?) ~

Thanks for stopping by.  The idea for Lipstick Warriors was inspired by a road trip a few years ago.  A dear friend asked if I wanted to travel with her and her daughter and daughters’ friends to Washington, DC. Since I don’t regularly watch the news, and haven’t in nearly 30 years, (surprisingly, I still know what’s going) I asked if it had to do with the president’s inauguration?  I shared that I’d once read that Mother Theresa was asked to participate in an anti-war protest and she felt that marching against something brought energy to that very aura, but she was happy to march for peace because she believed peace.   I was excited to participate as a positive energy as one-half of the world’s population and my kids thought it was pretty cool too.

What a fantastic day! After we’d marched for a few hours, my friend and I stopped for a lovely lunch, rejoined the march, passed the Whitehouse, and had a quick cellphone charge, and peek in Marshalls (who doesn’t love Marshall’s) and, as we rejoined the hundreds of thousands still moving, I paused.  Not just to take in all of us joined from every race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic, age, sexual orientation, and life experiences …  male and female, infant and elderly…  as one true unity of diversity in an awe-inspiring moment of sisterhood. 

I also paused because I couldn’t find my lipstick brush to dig out the last of the lipstick at the bottom of the tube and joked, “We always need to march with a little lipstick on.”  Yes, warriors are frugal and frustrated that these manufacturers leave 1/2 in the bottom of the lipstick tube, unused and paid for and I’m gonna get it out and put it on.  As I applied some color to my lips, my friend reached in her bag, applied her lipstick and we acknowledged that we were Lipstick Warriors. 

At that moment, I was also inspired to create a resource to explore, engage and enlighten:  from recipes to relationships, from traveling the world to our own backyards, we’re here to share our favorite resources and power the warrior in us all: spiritual, physical, emotional and mental from toddlers to teenagers and elderly to ‘tweens. 

And, hey, if you don’t agree with what we’ve got going on here, I got that.  I support you in your personal journey to move on to a place and space where you feel your voice is heard and appreciated.  (You’re also welcome to submit through our Op/Ed although there’s no guarantee we’ll print your submission.).

And, on to a positive note, if you like what’s happening here we hope you’ll be back soon to check us out and see what’s new and review what’s old.  In the meantime, follow us on social media and connect us with your family and friends too - if you believe we’re worthy. 

Be well and stay curious,



Lipstick Warriors

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There are lazy minds as well as bodies - Ben Franklin

Notice Pegasus in the background - what are the odds! Or, divine intervention - how about both?

Notice Pegasus in the background - what are the odds! Or, divine intervention - how about both?